Not everyone is born with the same opportunity.  Some children grow up with every resource around them in a stable environment apt for constant improvement and success.  Some children grow up surrounded by crime, drugs and bad influence.  We are in a time when people care about others more than ever (don’t believe that hate propaganda).  We’ve all got jobs and our own responsibilities, but we can all too our part to chip in and help out around our communities in different ways.

Our niche just happens to be driven by a love of board-riding.  Spread the Shred is just a tiny operation working with local youth, shops, organizations and brands to give something back to the local board-riding community. Surf, skate, snow, we love it all and just want more kids to have the chance to get out there. Right now, our most efficient course of action is to take our little bit of cash and work with local skate shops to buy as many skateboards as possible and give them to awesome organizations like Common Ground and local Boys & Girls Clubs. One day, we’d love to work with the local skate shops to do skateboarding classes in the nearby communities that need it the most.  Skateboarding isn’t everything, but it can keep kids in the skateparks and off the streets (figuratively speaking only of course – street skating is our favorite).

Help us do our part by shopping with Shred and Edible Espresso.  Please email us if you’re a person, brand, business or organization who would like to help Spread the Shred!


Meet Alexis and his cousin who love to hang @commonground